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Tamara Clymer is a journalist, publisher and speaker. Born and raised in the Midwest, she earned a journalism degree from Kansas State University. After working for 15 years in the television and newspaper industry, she felt it was time to use her writing skills to glorify God. In 2010, she founded CrossRiver Media Group — a Christian publishing company. Tamara and her husband, Shad have been married for more than twenty-five years. They have four children and live in western Kansas where they keep busy with sports, church activities and camping trips to the mountains.


Annual Meeting

January 13, 2018


Love, redemption, mercy, provision, revelation and healing… In Psalm 103, David listed just a few of the good things God did for him. These thirty stories, based on his list and penned by more than twenty writers from across the country, will remind you of all the amazing things our heavenly Father does for you. The stories share how…

• A simple letter brings forgiveness to a mother and daughter.

• A little girl, bullied at school, finds justice in an unlikely hero.

• A dying man experiences miraculous healing.

• An abused little girl finds God’s love while hiding under her bed.

• A family discovers supernatural provision in a time of crisis.

• A prodigal returns home and finds God’s redemption.

• A messenger shares God’s mercy with a hurting young man.

David’s list gives us plenty to be thankful for during tough times. No matter your circumstances or background, God is always full of compassion, generous with his mercy, unfailing in his love and powerful in healing. When circumstances overwhelm you — unwrap his benefit package and rediscover God’s goodness.


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