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Publisher: LCHS                Volume: 42                 Issue: 3               Date: July  2018

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Tigger & Lisa  Moomaw

sharing a hug.

President Connie Hanks and her father Joe Hanks discussing his experience attending a one room schoolhouse.

Sleeping Beauty stopped by our ice cream social for some ice cream and greet some fans.

Wrap-up of Spring Events

Spring Tour 2018

Although the number of attendees was down for the annual Spring Tour, those who made it enjoyed another educational experience as the group toured the sites of one-room school houses located in the northeast part of Lane County.  Twelve schools existed in this area dating back to the early 1900s. The only school still standing was the White Rock District #6 in Pendennis.

When the tour was completed, the group returned to the J.O.Y. Center where more school tales were shared while a pulled pork dinner with delicious variety of cakes for dessert was served.  All who attended enjoyed learning more of Lane County’s history.

June Juant

Dighton’s participation in this year’s June Juant included a grand Disney parade complete with the Disney Princesses as well as Mickey and Minnie and other well-known characters from the World of Disney.  To join in the lively event, the museum’s board members and other friends of the museum made a nice assortment of homemade ice cream for a money-making project.  As a result, $1100 was received.  This money will go into the museum’s general fund. A huge thank you to everyone who made ice cream and to those who bought it.


Lane County’s Annual Cruise-in was held on Saturday, June 16, at the City Park. Keeping with tradition, the museum once again sold homemade ice cream as a fundraiser. A variety of flavors, including butter pecan, Oreo, pineapple and chocolate, were made by board members as well as other friends of the museum. With the temperatures running in the 90s, the ice cream was a sure winner.

This fundraiser brought in $566.00for the museum’s operating expenses. Thank you to all who contributed in making this project another successful venture.

Pendennis school house

High School Composites

2010 is just around the corner! We are looking for Dighton High (Lane County Community High School) class composite pictures.  If you have any you would like to share, please scan and email us here at the museum. If you live here in town, bring them by and I can scan them for you.  If you would wish to donate your class composite or one that you might have inherited, you can bring them in or send them to the address on the front page.  Our email is also located on the first page.

Doorway to the Future

The front doors to the museum have changed again. This time last year Joel Herndon shared the changes to the museum front door and the plans for additional work on the entry way. Move one year in the future and the plans have changed again.  Due to unseen issues installing the second set of doors and the expenses it would cost, we have taken another avenue to complete this project.

We reduced the cost of this project by changing the following. First, Kenny Glass returned and moved the door to the center of the entry way with a window on each side.  Then, to stay in compliance with ADA and the grant, Kenny Glass installed a handicap assist door opener.

We have received compliments on the looks of the new door.  Also, the new handicap button makes it easier for everyone to enter the museum now. I have not had to help anyone open that heavy door in a while.  Come check it out!


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