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Storage Room Wish List


Please write the number of items you wish to donate next to your preference.


_________    Cedar Board $15.00 each.

   (each board is 8x6x1; total cedar boards needed 80)


_________    6-Level Commercial Storage Shelving

   (one unit $90.00; total needed 35 units)


_________    6-Level Commercial Storage Shelving (one shelf $15.00 each)



Total Amount of Donation:   ________________




Your Name:  ______________________________________________________



Address _________________________________________________________



City _____________________________State:  _____________ Zip:  ________



Telephone # (         ) __________-_____________(optional)


*Individuals donating $100 or more will be listed in the newsletter & their name      will be placed on a donor plaque in the museum.

*All donations beyond the cedar & storage units will be applied towards archival boxes to store items.

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