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Storage Room Fundraiser

Plans are underway to improve the design of the two storage rooms in the museum’s main building. It is the desire of the board to move the museum’s collections of clothes, hats and shoes as well as quilts to the small storage room. Intentions are to make this room secure for all the aforementioned items by placing cedar boards on all four walls. In order to do this project, the museum is asking for donations that will go toward the purchase of the cedar boards. Each board is 8 feet long by 6 inches wide and I inch deep. The cost is $15 per board. A total of 80 boards are needed.

The large storage room will also have a new look as 6-Level Commercial Storage Shelving units are being set up to house a variety of artifacts. These artifacts include books, kitchen and household goods, holiday decorations, a few tools, business memorabilia and a wide variety of other collections. The cost of these shelving units is $90 per unit or one shelf of the unit costs $15. The total number of the Storage Shelving Units needed is 35.

When the rooms are complete with cedar walls and shelving units, we will move on to archival boxes needed to store the different items in our collections. These dust, water and bug resistance boxes range in size and price. 

Thank you beforehand for your contributions! It is through your donations that the museum can maintain its position as Keeper of Lane County History.

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